CSI National Election 2019-20/21 As per CSI byelaws (Section 5: Nominations and Elections) the Nomination Committee consisting of members Dr. Shams Raza, Sh. L Mohanty S and N. Anand Rao called for nominations on the 2nd Nov as per rule for the different post. Please visit the following files for the further details.


Mail from NC Chair dated 21st Nov 2018.pdf

Prof. H S Sharma - VP - BIO DATA .pdf

Sri R K Vyas Petition for VP.pdf

Hon Secretary CSI mail dated 15th Dec 2018 - CSI Election Slate 2019-20-21.pdf

Nomination Commitee Notification for CSI Elections 2019-20-21.doc.pdf

CSI Election Voting reminder dated 29th Jan 2019.pdf

Mail from NC Chair to Execom dated 21st Nov 2018.pdf

Nomination Commitee Notification for CSI Elections dated 31st Dec 2018.pdf