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Mr. T. Sabapathy
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The Security Special Interest Group - Information Security is a body of CSI focusing on security concerns of the users of the net, making the net a safer and a more reliable means of a) socializing with other people who share a common interest; b) conducting transactions on the net; c) conducting business efficiently with organizations and governments, d) sharing knowledge and e) accessing services offered by governments and other enterprises.

Our Vision
Educate to Enable Safety and Security in Cyber Space

CSI Special Interest Group - Information Security [SIG-IS] will be well positioned to bring together different groups of stakeholders in the area of Cyber Security. The SIG-IS will work towards being the pivotal group of professionals and experts in the area of Cyber Security, providing a platform for bringing together policy makers, private industry, end users and the academia. We will be a group called to provide expert opinion on matters of cyber security at the highest levels of government. The SIG-IS will also be the natural choice to spread education in cyber security at the grass roots level.
Raison de etre
The world today is ever more connected and intelligent. It has become highly interactive. Societies are irrevocably dependent on the technologies of today. Opportunities abound in this new world. The flip side of this is the undesirable face of the unscrupulous lurking around taking undue advantage of unsuspecting users. The extent of this menace spans criminal activities for financial gain to threatening security of nations.

The endeavor to take advantage of the developments in technology is a constant journey; a race between the bona fide users and the unscrupulous elements. The fight against cyber crime involves users from all walks of life. It is important for everyone to be educated and be alert and watch out for the pitfalls. Today there is no single organization that brings all concerned parties together to face this threat Educating the public on simple measures to reduce the risk will be an on going task. The SIG-IS will be the pivotal organization that will bring together the policy makers on the one hand and the users on the other.

Various governmental bodies need professional input to deal with new issues that arise with rapidly changing technology. These could be formulating legislations to effectively tackle the menace or to formulate strategies to deal with the threat faced by the government in protecting information, citizen safety and confidence.

Most often academic research ends up in some remote shelf in libraries of places of learning. CSI SIG-IS will facilitate convergence of the interests of these groups and help bring the benefits to the end users.

There is a compendium of knowledge and collection of experience residing in private industry. The SIG-IS will also work to bring together private industry, the academia and the government along with the users of the net.

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