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New Student Portal launched for Student members and Student Branch activities.Click on Student's Corner to know more details.

Welcome to Computer Society Of India
Formed in 1965, the CSI has been instrumental in guiding the Indian IT industry down the right path since its formative years. Today, the CSI has 72 chapters all over India, 511 student branches, and more than 100000 members including India's most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians.
Provides recognition of high professional competence, displaying dedication, calibre, standard, commitment together with quality, depth and breadth of ICT knowledge leading to increased business opportunities and better employment prospects.
Upcoming Events
A range of services and networking opportunities through workshops, seminars, conventions and courses, participated by industry majors sharing best practices and digital opportunities for development, exchanging knowledge and ideas.
Upcoming Webinars
An opportunity to a cost effective way to communicate solution-oriented information to your target audience, build your brand, generate quality sales leads and build strong customer and prospect relationship.
CSI Awards
We recognize innovations and indigenous developments in the field of Information Technology in India. CSI Awards are instituted to acknowledge and motivate individuals and organizations working in the ICT field.
Existing Members

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By Hemant Kumar Saini and Anurag Jagetiya
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